Gohan is a REST-based api server to evolve your cloud service very rapidly and enable painless operation

Gohan makes your system architeture simple

Gohan enables you to create / modify new service very rapidly with minimum coding

Gohan can be easiliy integrated to your system using sync layer and custom extension

SINGLE PROCESS for REST based microservices

Traditional “fat” services are difficult to manage: subsystems become tightly coupled making it hard to introduce changes. Micro-service based architectures are meant to solve this issue; however they come with additional problems such as process management and orchestration.

Gohan enables you to define microservices within single unified process, so that you can keep your system architecture and deployment model simple. Moreover, Gohan supports transactional management for microservices orchestration.

SCHEMA-DRIVEN Service Develoment

Similar structure code everywhere. Typical Schema-driven development tools reduces number of code lines by automatic code generation. Down side of the code generation method is adding complexity to the code management.

In Gohan project, we are challenging to have powerful schema-driven development without those complexity.